The NDP Government has announced when the next session of the Legislature will convene.

The first session of the 43rd Legislature will assemble on November 21st with the reading of the speech from the throne by Lieutenant Governor Anita Neville. 

Premier Wab Kinew announced on Thursday that the speech from the throne will unveil his government's plans for the year ahead with a focus on fixing health care, affordability and ending chronic homelessness. 

"Convenient access to high-quality health care, lowering costs for your family and a balanced budget, and new actions to address homelessness - these are the foundations of a safe, prosperous Manitoba," says Kinew. "There is much for us to accomplish, and I look forward to sharing our plans that will get real results for Manitobans on the issues that matter most. Together, there is no challenge that we cannot meet in this province."

Prior to the speech from the throne, the Manitoba Legislative Assembly will elect a Speaker of the House on November 9th. 

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