There was some tough competition in the show ring yesterday for Agribition's First Lady Classic a yearling bred heifer all breed  competition.

Justin Van de Woestyne from Benson, Sk was part of the judging panel and says he feels the show was one of the toughest and most competitive bred heifer shows in Western Canada if not the country.

"I think we all know the amount of work time effort the years of planning that goes into these genetics and what a what an absolute accomplishment it is not only to be here at the show but to be here in this ring."

The Reserve Grand Champion Female was a Polled Hereford from Haroldsons Polled Herefords and River Valley Polled Herefords.

The Grand Champion Female was a Simmental heifer from KT Ranches at Cherryville, BC

On the other side of the arena was the President's Classic an all-breed bull calf jackpot.

Chase Miller from Cremona, Alberta was part of the judge's panel for that event.

"You look through here top to bottom, no matter what breed is represented, they're excellent. They certainly bring something to the table for the cattle industry as a whole. And I mean, we sent a ton of cattle through the barns here and a lot of them will have a place in the purebred industry and help push it forward. A lot of them will top bull sales, a lot of them will go into commercial industry and go ahead and help move that industry forward."

The People's Choice Award was won by a Polled Hereford from Glenlea Farms at Arcola, Saskatchewan.

The Reserve Grand Champion Bull was won by a Simmental Bull from Mader Ranches out of Carstairs, Alberta.

While the Grand Champion was a Black Angus bull from the Perrot Cattle Company at Alameda, Saskatchewan.