Carberry councillors got together earlier this week to discuss grants, re-elections, and future events.

Mayor Stuart Olmstead says the town has been approved for an iSub grant, which will give them "several million dollars" from the provincial and federal governments. They plan to use the grant to build a lagoon cell.

"Next year, we'll possibly be putting shovels in the ground," explains Olmstead. "That's exciting because that means we've grown to a certain extent where we need to do that."

He adds they've been quite patient with the process, as they submitted the proposal in September of 2019.

"The rubber has finally hit the road in that regard and we're finally getting funding," mentions Olmstead. "Unfortunately, inflation has probably increased prices over the last three years, so that's a concern. We'll have to look at that once the quotes come in."

He also says they have a few councillors that are going to seek re-election.

The town is also planning multiple events, one of which is the Homecoming on August 27th.