More people are starting to head to the International Peace Garden (IPG) south of Boissevain. 

Planting is winding down and officials hope the warmer weather and a little less moisture will help bring out the visitors. 

Kim Miller works in the finance department at the IPG and she says they’ve noticed more people coming in from both sides of the border. 

“We’ve got lots of activities going on like weekend yoga classes and the campgrounds are starting to fill up and that’s nice to see early in July.” 

Miller says the rain has set some of the work back, but workers are doing their best to get the flower beds filled. People will be really surprised with our theme this year and once we get some sunshine and heat everything will look amazing,” said Miller. 

This year’s theme is “Reading” and people can walk around the garden and see different characters from books like Harry Potter and Clifford the Big Red Dog.