If you've had a potted poinsettia before, but did not have the best of luck with it, you're likely not alone. 
Carla Hrycyna, Host of the Lawn and Garden Journal, says the plant, which grows naturally in Mexico, loves heat and can be difficult to care for once potted.

"There are people that can take their poinsettia from one season to the other. You will see that sometimes they will drop some leaves naturally on the bottom portion of it, but as we progress into the summer months, put that poinsettia outside."

If you want to keep your potted poinsettia well past Christmas, Hrycyna says it should be kept away from drafts, and located in a warm area.  

When watering, any excess water that drains in the reservoir, or into the decorative foil, should be removed. Hrycyna says poinsettias like to be evenly watered, and allowed to dry slightly in between watering.  

Meanwhile, it's not only the traditional red poinsettias that you can buy these days. Working with genetics, Hrycyna says there is a lot of diversity in colour now, so if you want to pick a poinsettia to match the design style of your home, that's also possible. "So, the traditional red is very reminiscent of the holidays, but if you're getting out there, there are the colours. Pinks, whites, speckling...there's some fun in having poinsettias."