After a week of remote learning students in Manitoba returned to class this week and that includes the students in the Turtle Mountain School Division.

Schools spent last week preparing for the return to in-person classes.

Makenna Beard is a Grade 12 student at Boissevain School and also part of the school’s student government. “It means a lot just getting back in the classroom and seeing faces and being able to have conversations and not just through a screen which is important.”

“The student government is excited to be planning events that are covid friendly. I’m sure all the students and teachers are glad to be back in school again.”

Vice Principal Al Hicks lots has been going on at the school so students can safely return to classes this week.

“It’s what we do and why we want students back in class. We were asked to go to remote learning and the pivot was pretty good. Teachers were pleased with how many kids were engage using that platform but we know that platform isn’t the strongest for us. Kids in classroom is the best way to learn. For me personally it was boring because you don’t have those interactions and it was a tough time not seeing kids in the gymnasiums or in the hallways. We look forward to having everyone back in the school this week.”

Students anticipate a return to classes and they also feel pretty safe.

“From the emails we have received it will be safe. There are protocols about spreading out more and using three layered masks to prevent the spread of covid. Just being back in person will allow students to learn a lot better. With exams around the corner students can ask questions of teachers in person and being one on one is much better for students” said Makenna Beard.

High school sports were halted last week as students went to remote learning. Al Hicks says it will be back to sports this week. “Hockey and basketball are the two main sports right now and they were put on hold until this week. You’ll see teams resuming practices and games to get the league schedule back on track. In talking with basketball coaches they’re doing the same thing and plan to get students athletes back on the court.”

Hicks pointed out athletics is an important part of helping with youth development.