The RM of Two Borders is expected to start a funding review in December that could possibly free up some money for the municipality.

The Manitoba government is investing up to $1.35 million for nine projects prioritized from the second intake of applications under the Municipal Service Delivery Improvement Program, which generate a return on investment through savings to municipalities and planning districts that receive advice on streamlining services or programs, finding efficiencies and getting better value for money.

The RM of Two Borders picked up money to do a review of recreation and cultural funding.

“When we amalgamated our three former municipalities, we used agreements that were currently in place. Now we feel it’s time to revisit those and plan for the future. We’re looking for efficiencies with all of our recreation activities,” said Reeve Sandra Clark.

The municipality has four arenas, two recreation commissions, parks, hall and libraries. “We want to have a look at more efficiencies in all our agreements and what we’re sending to those allocated areas.”

Municipalities and planning districts can apply for provincial funding through the program to conduct service delivery reviews and identify actionable recommendations for service improvements and potential cost savings.

“We have levies that we pay to these facilities and its finding out if the levies are appropriate in current times.”

Potential savings from initiatives can be reinvested toward other community-specific priorities in the municipality.

“We’ve already been assigned an accountant and the review will get underway shortly.”