Sharing the strength, beauty and majesty of the Percheron horse is what the World Percheron Congress is all about! 

This world-class event is coming to the Keystone Centre in Brandon in just a few weeks, July 18-23rd. 

Event committee member, Ivan Strain, says border restrictions have affected the number of participants in this year’s show. 

“With the border being closed, it’s very, very difficult and a lot of our American friends will not be able to attend, but we will have over 250 Percheron horses from across Canada, as far east as Pennsylvania, west to Oklahoma,” he explains. “It will be a good show! It will be a quality show! And it’s a once-in-a-life-time here at the Keystone Centre in Brandon!” 

The Percheron breed originated in France and was brought over to Canada by ship in the mid-1800's. Originally used as a farm horse to break up virgin farm land for early Canadian homesteaders, the Percheron has is now seen as “a classy hitch-horse that we see in the arena most times,” shares Strain. 

“The Congress is to honor the Percheron horse and of course all the people who appreciate them,” he adds. 

A new event for the Brandon show will be ‘The Breeder’s Challenge’ where breeders nominated their stallion’s services to sire one or two colts for the 2020 breeding season. Breeders then choose one of their 2-year-old colts to compete in this year’s challenge in 3 division: a 2-year-old division with halter and a cart class, a yearling division with a halter class, a weanling division split into senior foals and junior foals. 

The colts compete in their respective divisions and will be earning points for their respective exhibitor, sire, and dam to determine which will earn the title of Premiere Breeder, Premiere Sire, and Premiere Dam of the ‘2022 Breeders Challenge’, winning a substantial cash prize. 

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