People may have noticed stakes in the ground along Highway #10 between Minto and the Highway #2 turn off to Wawanesa and that’s because that section of road is scheduled for an upgrade.

Crews are expected to start work shortly. “I’ve noticed the stakes myself and we’re doing that stretch of highway where we are putting down a single layer of pavement to bring the highway into a better standing,” said Transportation Minister Doyle Piwniuk.

“The project will cost $6.3 million.”

Traffic disruptions are expected to be minimal.

“They can do those stretches pretty quick. There will be some inconveniences where there will be pilot vehicles and traffic down to one lane like we had fixing the bridge up on the Souris River. It’s a bit of an inconvenience but I say it’s some short-term pain for long term gain.”

Piwniuk doesn’t think crews will take too long to complete the upgrade because no reconstruction of the existing road is needed. He says they’ll simply lay down a new layer of pavement.


Motorists are urged to watch for signs and flag people and to obey the speed limits.