The staff at Valleyview Co-op's gas bar and c-store are excited to soon be serving their customers out of their new home along the TransCanada highway!

Valleyview Co-op's Energy Division Manager, Sue Capern, says they recognized they needed larger facilities and more fuel pumps to better serve their customers.

"It's a great location and I think our biggest concern is that we really wanted to be there for our local members first," shares Capern. "So, the nice thing about that location is that it's still very much in Virden, on the side of the highway where most of our members are located.  But it will also have the advantage of maybe attracting new customers who are coming up the TransCanada corridor.

"And just a bigger location with new facilities are going to make the service experience even better I think," she adds.

Location Manager Faye Gerring says her team is excited about moving to their new home.  Gerring has been with Valleyview Co-op close to 42 years.  "Co-op has been wonderful for me. It's been great for my family; they are very family oriented.  They have good benefits, and it has been a very good choice for me."

This is the 4th store that she's worked at over her 41+ years with Valleyview Co-op and each one is showcased on the walls in her new office. "From a little self-serve and then we went into a little bigger store, and then into the one that we're currently in, and now this new one!"

"There is so much to look forward to as we get closer to opening: meeting new customers, having more space, increased traffic, displaying new products, having more storage, and a bigger store. I was here for the opening of the downtown location 27 years ago, so being a part of this new, modern location is extra special for me and my team."

Valleyview Co-op identified that they had outgrown the location at 114-7th Ave S. and announced the purchase of a property on Frontage Road in January of 2022.

Capern says Valleyview Co-op will decommission the downtown site over the next few months. "The existing site in downtown Virden has been a great location to serve Co-op members. Currently, Valleyview Co-op is exploring opportunities to repurpose the site for our community's best interest. During the transition, there will be a three-day period where service will be unavailable. We hope to minimize this closure's impact on our members, and we look forward to welcoming them into the new highway location."

"We're excited to see our regular customers get excited about the new options," shares Gerring, "but also in meeting new people and we have so many loyal customers over the years. So, this is a great opportunity to meet new people and expand our business, for sure!"

February 11th will be the final day for Gerring and her team working the pumps at 7th Ave S. and King St. The transition to the highway location will take three days (Feb 12th, 13th, and 14th), during which time both locations will close.

Opening day is February 15th at 6:00 am, and a grand opening ceremony is scheduled for March 22nd.

Please listen to more with Sue Capern and Faye Gerring below!

(photo below submitted by Sue Capern (l) Division manager Petroleum and Faye Gerring (ri) Virden C-Store Manager)