Ste Rose du Lac RCMP respond to vehicles ramming each other on highway - Media Release Nov 7, 2023

On November 4, 2023, at approximately 10:35 am, Ste Rose du Lac RCMP received a report that a car was ramming into a pickup truck on Highway 276 just north of Ste Rose du Lac. Police responded immediately and located the two vehicles travelling at high speeds on the highway, with the car swerving all over the roadway. Both vehicles were significantly damaged.

A traffic stop was initiated, and both vehicles pulled over to the side of the road. Two occupants of the car complied with police instruction and exited the vehicle. The female passenger continued to comply while the male driver would not let officers cuff him. An officer was injured during the process, but the male was arrested.

The lone male driver of the pickup truck was arrested without incident.

After the involved individuals were in custody, police searched the vehicles. A firearm was found in each vehicle.

Investigation has determined that the male driver of the pickup truck went to Rorketon to repossess the vehicle from a residence. When he drove the vehicle away from the residence, he was chased by the individuals in the car, who passed him, slammed on the breaks to bring him to a stop, and pointed a firearm at him. As he fled, the car rammed into the pickup truck, and the male continued to try to escape. It has been confirmed that shots were fired at the truck.

The firearm inside the pickup truck was determined to belong to the driver of the car, from whom the pickup truck had been repossessed. The driver of the pickup truck was not physically injured and released without charge.

The driver of the car, a 45-year-old male from Rorketon, is charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Pointing Firearm, Discharge Firearm, Unsafe Storage of Firearm, and Unauthorized Possession of Firearm.  He was released on scene with a court date, then was transported to hospital by EMS.  Later on that day, he was medically discharged. The 32-year-old female passenger was released without charge.

The officer who was injured received medical treatment and was released from hospital.

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The investigation continues.