The Westman Agriculture Diversification Organization (WADO) will be holding their Annual Field Day just north of Melita in two weeks. 

Scott Chalmers is the Diversification Specialist with Manitoba Agriculture hosting the July 20th event. 

Chalmers says through crop research, they are able to assist Manitoba farmers with crop management.  

“Sometimes it’s basic research, which is more discovery, but for now we’re doing more applied, and then we try to extend that knowledge to the farmers in industry in an unbiased way so that messaging is correct,” explains Chalmers. “The science is there because we replicate our treatment.” 

The spring planting season certainly came with its share of challenges, beginning with the high levels of moisture. “I think this spring here, we were very lucky. In many cases we were able to go basically between the rains and if it weren’t for last year’s drought we would be in a much more difficult situation by now.” 

“I haven’t actually totaled up the rainfall for the area here, but I can’t imagine having normal soil moisture conditions this spring, and then having all that rain and blizzard on top of that,” he adds. “But we have managed, and of course in research we can get out on the field a couple of days earlier than most farmers because our equipment is light. Nonetheless, we got it all done on time and things actually look pretty good.” 

Flea beetles were an additional challenge this year, specifically with their mustard crop.  “Mustard is almost like candy to the flea beetles and there was exceptional flea beetle pressure this year,” he explains. “Believe it or not, we had to spray 4 or 5 times on one project for mustard, just to keep saving it and it seemed like every 5th day we’d be out there.” 

WADO Field Day will be held Wednesday, July 20th one mile north of Melita off Hwy #83, Corner of 156W and 20N.  

Crop tours and a healthy line up of speakers: 10:00 am to 2:30 pm  

Registration at 9:30 am. 

Please listen to the entire interview with Scott Chalmers and CJRB’s Barry Lamb below.