There are close to 40 community groups across Manitoba that raise funds for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  About half of these are growing projects, but the rest are social events, auction sales, choir concerts and community fundraiser dinners.

The community of Waskada has been hosting an evening dinner and live auction event each year for some 25 years now in the Fall season.

Committee member, Dan Meggison, says it all started with their pastor of the .... who suggested they raise funds for the Foodgrains Bank.

"Over the years we've had all kinds of different items," explains Meggison. "We've had a wide variety of items, from baking to quilts. We've even had live animals, though maybe not necessarily at the auction, but actually I think one year we did have some live chickens at the auction!"

"So, yes it's always been a real fun evening!"

The Waskada Foodgrains Committee partners with the Souris River Hutterite Colony near Elgin. "They're a big part of it," he says. "They always donate items to it and bring food for the supper, and we're always very happy to have them on board!"

Donations to the live auction is always welcome, and if interested contact Dan or Heather Meggison, or anyone else in the Waskada Foodgrains Fundraising committee.

The Canadian Foodgrain Bank is an association of 15 national church agencies and organizations that work together.  "Over the years we've had somebody from the Foodgrains Bank come and speak," he says. "They generally give us an update on what's been going on, where the need is in the world. And there's always a need somewhere.  It's a good organization where the Canadian Government will back it 4 to 1 with their contribution as well."

The Waskada Foodgrains Dinner and Auction takes place this week Thursday, November 9th at the Fellowship Community Church in Waskada.  Supper starts at 5:00 pm and the live auction begins at 7:00 pm.

Attendance to the evening event is through a free-will offering, so there's no need to purchase tickets.  Funds are raised through donation for the meal, and through the live auction, and everyone is welcome to join them!

"Come and join us on Thursday evening for a dinner and the auction," invites Meggison. "This is an annual event that we put on and there's always good food and good fellowship, and then the auction to follow."

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