It took just four days for Boissevain’s newest murals to be painted on the town’s water towers.

The Boissevain-Morton Arts Council commissioned the work which included painting the hot and cold water towers and they stand more than 100 feet in the air. The murals include some wildlife, a fish and lots of brilliant colours.

The murals in Boissevain go back decades. Wayne Pringle is a business owner and was part of the first arts council that got the mural program going in the community about 40 years ago. He says there was some opposition back then but there’s no question it  was the right thing to do.

“I think the mural program has been excellent. It brings a lot of people into town. We see people stopping across from our store and they’re always taking pictures. The new council has a different concept which is strong and taking the council in a good direction.”

Lisa Heide is President of the Boissevain-Morton Arts Council and she’s surprised artist Kent Ness painted the murals so quickly. “I was amazed when he told me he needed four days I didn’t think the weather would cooperate for four days in a row and it did. He did a great job and I’m blown away.”

This mural project came with a price tag of $40,000.

“I think this mural looks great and it’s a great addition to the town and the murals program” said Wayne Pringle.

“I see people taking pictures of the water tower already. That shows it’s another asset and of course they’re adding another one downtown so that’s another great plus for Boissevain.”

Lisa Heide loves the latest murals and the fact they only take up the north side of the towers and some of the original graffiti and other things on the tower remain in place.

“We have one more project coming up in October. At the start of summer I didn’t know how we would pull this off. Everyone did their part and what they are good at and we did and have one more to go this fall” said Lisa Heide.