Member municipalities with the Souris River Watershed District got an update last week on the past year and what lies ahead for 2023 projects.

Municipal representatives met in Hartney for the district’s general meeting.

Watershed Manager Dean Brooker says the meeting covered topics like the 2023-24 budget and programs. “We also had speakers from Ducks Unlimited Canada, Nature Conservancy and Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation talking about their programming."

Brooker adds the Grow program provides them with a lot of the funding they need to carry out projects in the Souris River Watershed.

“We built some water retention structures and we’re delivering the Grow program providing incentives to landowners to secure Class 1 and 2 wetlands as well as riparian areas and some upland acres as well.”

Brooker says the Grow program has the province provide funding through the Winnipeg Foundation.

“Each year anywhere from $5 million to $7 million is available to watershed districts.