A senior hockey league in Southern Manitoba is taking steps to try and fit all regular season games into this year’s schedule.

Teams from the Tiger Hills Hockey League met virtually on Tuesday night to talk about postponed games and how to play out the rest of the season which ends in early February.

Vice President Rodney White of Neepawa says the league and teams are trying to be proactive.

“With what’s going on in the world right now we had six postponed games this past weekend. We just want to get ahead of things before we had to deal with things all of a sudden at the end of January. We talked about how to move forward into February and the play-offs.”

White says the six games called off this past weekend were a combination of poor weather for some and covid cases for other teams.

“It really helps that everyone has to be vaccinated to be registered with a Hockey Manitoba team. That has helped but there are teams with positive cases and they’re just dealing with it as they go and icing the healthy bodies they have.”

Teams decided to push back the end of the regular season schedule from February 5th to February 12th. The extra week will be used to play postponed games. “We only have four more weekends to try and fit postponed games in so we decided to add the extra week. We also changed the first round of the play-offs to a best of three from best of five” said Rodney White.

League officials remain confident the games will be played unless the province moves forward with any public health orders that would impact their ability to play hockey.