The Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council has planned a busy summer with artist workshops and concerts! 

Heritage Home for the Arts administrator, Jane Ireland, says they’re excited to share their summer line-up of events and activities with residents and visitors to Killarney. 

“We’re really excited about our second annual Sights and Sounds Music Festival and we have a great line-up so you can find out more information on that on our website,” shares Ireland. “We’re just looking forward to getting back to live music and live gallery visits and live workshops again!” 

The Heritage Home is hosting the summer arts camp for kids, and have partnered with the Shamrock Centre recreation team for their summer kids’ program. 

“They’re doing their mornings at Erin Park with a whole bunch of activities, and then in the afternoons kids can come over and do art here at the Heritage Home and each would be themed. We’re both sharing the same theme, we’re just doing different things, but that’s going to be a lot of fun!” 

Music on the Porch is returning this summer to the arts centre in partnership with the Killarney Services for Seniors. 

“We’re all about collaboration,” she explains. “We’re really trying to share resources with our different community organizations and members, and so we’re collaborating with our Services for Seniors. In the past they had Music in the Park Series, and we do Music on the Porch Series so we’re kind of combining them this year.” 

On Wednesday evenings music will fill the air from either the green space next to Boundary Co-op, or from the Heritage Home’s porch. “We may just switch it up and do some pop-up performances at different places just to intrigue people,” adds Ireland. 

“But we’ve got a great line up!” 

Visit Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council ( for more information on upcoming events.