The Western Caucus of municipalities in Southwestern Manitoba has reorganized following the October 26th civic election.

The group consists of close to 20 municipalities that meet on a regular basis to talk about issues impacting each community.

Boissevain-Morton Head of Council Judy Swanson was selected to stay on as Chair of the group. She says meeting with other municipal leaders in the area on a regular basis is productive.

“We’ve started over because we had a number of former members who didn’t get re-elected, so we have a number of new members. We went over who we are, what we stand for and what we do. We talked about the upcoming convention, and we will have meetings with several minister so we organized who would be talking to what ministers on behalf of the Western Caucus,” said Judy Swanson.

The Western Caucus members will meet again in December but before that happens municipal leaders are in Winnipeg this week for the Association of Manitoba Municipalities Annual Convention. “We have several priorities in the region including health care. We’ve been working on ambulance issues and have made some headway and will follow up on that. There’s always water and drainage issues.”


“RCMP staffing shortages is another topic up for discussion this week.”