Westman Youth for Christ recently held their second annual Art Exhibition and Sale to raise funds for their CREATE art therapy program, bringing in more than $4,000!

Program and event coordinator, Dawn Redlin, says they were thrilled with the number of artists participating in this year's show.  About 30 artists shared their talents with WYFC and their supporters.  A total of 35 pieces of art were sold out of the 90 pieces on display.  Also 136 tickets were sold to patrons who enjoyed an evening perusing over the beautiful pieces, enjoying a cold plate and catching up with old friends!

The event brought in $4160 for the CREATE Art Therapy program held twice a week at the Westman YFC office in downtown Brandon.

"There were more participants this year and we also sold more tickets to the event this year," shares Redlin. "It was very nice to see some of our local artists who hadn't participated last year join us. They were involved this year with submitting pieces as well as attending the event. So, it's nice to see the art community around what we're doing here at YFC."

This year's theme was BE BOLD! and the colors and textures featured in each piece on display were beautiful "We were very excited about the art that came in this year. For sure there were lots of color in the room this year, which was much different than our theme of 'Black & White' of last year."

"It felt very joyful in the room this year!"

Please listen to more with Dawn Redlin below!

(Photo below of Jayceen Fouillard and Dawn Redlin (l-r).  Jayceen is a volunteer with the Tuesday evening Create program)