Where can young people learn about how to apply for a grant, research grant recipients, and allocate grant money to non-profit organizations?  Through the Youth in Philanthropy Program, that's where!

Many high schools across the country participate in the YIP program where high school students learn all about the process of granting funds to local charities.

Four high schools in the Brandon area participated in this year's YIP program: Vincent Massey, Crocus Plains, Neelin High Schools in Brandon and Elton Collegiate in Forrest, MB.

The Brandon program is facilitated by the Brandon Area Community Foundation and the Brandon United Way, each organization donating $6000 to the YIP program.

Each school was given $3000 to be divided amongst three $1000 grants to three different local non-profits - 12 recipients in total.

"We had a wide range of students involved this year from grades 9-12 in each school," explains Executive Director of the BACF, Laura Kempthorne.  "The students were challenged to go out and research and interview potential recipients that meet the requirements." 

Kempthorne says the twelve organizations were awarded their $1000 cheques last week at a formal ceremony with the YIP students. 

"We had so many of the recipients come up to either the teacher advisor, or myself, or even other Board members and members of the United Way, complimenting everyone on how the students came across so professionally," she shares. "The students had asked a lot of very good questions, and these organizations had to really work for their grant, which is the way it should be.  Money is not there for us just to hand out with no reason or without investigating," she adds. 

"So, they were very appreciative, but also very impressed with all the students on how much work they put into it and making sure that they followed through on their commitments that they were going to show up for an interview, or they were going to follow up with answers to questions and more information by the Youth in Philanthropy groups. The students were very attuned to what they had to do!"

Please listen to more with Laura Kempthorne below as she shares more on the YIP program!

2024 YIP Grant Listing Brandon area:

Elton Collegiate:

  • Brandon Food for Thought $ 1,000 - To purchase food for snack & lunch programs in schools
  • Funds for Furry Friends      $ 1,000 - To provide support to the animals in foster care
  • Western Manitoba Regional Library $ 1,000 - For multiple programs & activities for children

Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School:

  • Brandon & Area Youth for Christ $ 1,000 - Therapeutic Art program for youth
  • Community Health and Housing Association $ 1,000 - To provide homeless people with essential needs i.e.clothing
  • Brandon Riverbank Inc.    $ 1,000 - For grooming and maintenance for trails

Ecole Secondaire Neelin High School:

  • Brandon Humane Society $ 1,000 - To build an outdoor play space for their dogs
  • Helping Hands Centre of Brandon Inc. $ 1,000 - Funding towards much needed kitchen upgrades i.e.stoves & hoods
  • Westman Dreams for Kids $ 1,000 - Funding towards children's dreams

Vincent Massey High School:

  • BDN Neighbourhood Renewal -Auntie Blue Door $ 1,000 - every day needs for vulnerable women, children & seniors i.e. personal Hygiene items
  • City of Brandon Youth Centre $ 1,000 - purchase food for youth attending the City of Brandon Youth Centre
  • Samaritan House Ministries $ 1,000 - Food Bank - provide healthy food to struggling families

Total YIP Grants through the Brandon Area Community Foundation and Brandon United Way - $ 12,000

For more information visit the BACF website HERE!