Since December of 2021, the Brandon Food Rescue Grocery Store has been saving food from the landfill, bringing it to their shelves at a reduced price to their patrons.

The Food Rescue Store has brought a new concept to saving good food from being thrown away simply by searching for food items that didn't make it to the distributor on time. This allows greater food security with lower prices for anyone wanting to lower their weekly grocery bill. 

"What we do is rescue food from landfills, whether its rejected, or businesses are clearing out, and we rescue the [food] and we sell it for 1/4 of the retail price," shares Store Manager, Courtney Dedieu.  "We have a team in place and they contact all sorts of companies.  Right now we work with Simplot and 2 or 3 other ones and we get everything shipped to us on a refrigerated trailer, and then we dole it out throughout the weekend."

Dedieu says the rescue store is there to help residents in every level of income, especially with what she sees as a recession on the horizon. "It's open to everyone, it doesn't matter your income," she adds. "I can see a lot of people needing food security in the near future."

Line-ups at their Rosser Avenue location happen most often on Thursday and Friday afternoons starting at 2 pm, with folks waiting for the store to open at 3 pm.  "Fridays are 'bread-day' so they come in.  It's a free-for-all, almost, but a controlled free-for-all!"  Fresh produce also fills their bins from those who have fresh garden veggies to share.

Heading into the cooler months, the Food Rescue Store is setting up containers to better store incoming food.  They have received some funding to help pay for their new storage units.  "So we don't have to rush to dole out in order to empty a trailer of food.  Our containers will allow us to store food and then we can move it down here as we get it. And, we don't have to reject loads because we have no room for them."

"The heart of the project is Olivia Boyce," notes Dedieu. "She's the one who had the idea, she found the sponsoring, and I have to thank the John Howard Society as well."

The Brandon Food Rescue Grocery Store is open the following hours. 

Thursday and Friday:  3-6 pm

Saturday:  10 am - 4 pm

Sunday:  1-3 pm

Visit their Facebook page for more information:

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