Scott Anderson with Winnipeg Livestock Sales says the fall cattle run was pretty steady.

"The market was pretty much, very steady to what it's been for the last couple of years as far as the fall run itself. Given the high feed costs locally and across most of the west, I think the market was probably even better than some people had anticipated."

Anderson says a lot of local guys are buying large amounts of lighter calves to background into yearlings for next summer.

He notes volumes were a bit higher this year compared to previous, adding they saw a big run in July and August, before things quieted down in September. It picked up again during first and second weeks in October, due to the timely rains, as pastures came back to life.

Anderson adds they saw a lot of cattle from the Interlake region due to the dry conditions.

As for the condition of the animals, he says weights were pretty good, although they did see some leaner calves back in the summer.