The Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council (KTMAC) is hosting the Women of Distinction Awards evening at the end of May with live entertainment at the Heritage Home for the Arts.

Arts Administrator Giselle Beaupre says the arts council has a sub-committee with both Board members and community volunteers who are putting the evening of celebration together.

"I think this is so important," shares Beaupre.  "Everyone I talk to I'm trying to get them to bring their nieces, their daughters, their granddaughters, their friends, because I want it to be a real view of all the unsung heroes in our community!"

"And there may be x-number of people who are nominated but we know that the greater number is all the people who come here to celebrate and raise up those women!"

Nominations for the Killarney area event took place from mid-March to mid-April with a fantastic response from the public nominating those women in the community who are true leaders and dedicated to making Killarney a special place to live!

Beaupre says the KTMAC hosted the event last year where they honored Gwen Tripp, owner of Gwen's Trends, with a lovely supper and tradeshow.

"This year we're taking a bit of a different angle where we're going to be doing more of a mingling type of evening here at the Heritage Home!"

"It's such a beautiful thing to be able to acknowledge the contribution of strong, empathic, and intelligent women in our community!" adds Beaupre.  "I'm really looking forward to it!"

The Women of Distinction takes place Thursday, May 30th, starting at 6:00 pm with the program/presentations taking place at 7:00 pm.

Please RSVP with Giselle Beaupre so they can prepare the food and festivities.   This is a free event, but donations are very welcome!

Contact Information:

Giselle Beaupre, Arts Administrator

Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council



Telephone:  204-554-0023