A summer concert series in Killarney is being hosted jointly by two local groups.

Services for Seniors and the Killarney-Turtle Mountain Arts Council are hosting eight performances.

Performances go every Wednesday and the shows start at 6:30pm and run to about 8:30pm.

This past Wednesday Russell Moffatt and his band took part in the Music in the Park in the green space beside the Co-op gas bar along main street.

Wenda Anderson is Manager of Service for Seniors and she likes the way the two groups have worked together to promote the arts while providing entertainment to area residents. “This year we’re doing four music in the park nights and we’ve completed two of them.”

“I’ve been pleased with the crowds as we’ve seen about 100 people out for each performance and we still have two more to go.”

Next Wednesday the program moves to the Heritage Home for the Arts for a Music on the Porch concert and then it’s back to the green space for another concert.

“This has been excellent and the more people we can get out to the concerts the better” said Wenda Anderson.

“As far as I’m concerned I’d like this collaboration to continue with the arts council. Killarney is starting to work together with other groups and it’s less money when groups can budget together and we are doing amazing things with music.”