Youth in Philanthropy is a program that partners students with their local foundation to educate students in the process of awarding grants out to community organizations.  And with that comes a host of skill-building for participating students.

Annually, the Boissevain-Morton Foundation donates $2000 to the YIP program in Boissevain School.  Each year the students decide on the committee chair, as well as a theme, such as recreation or child-care.

Boissevain School's YIP advisory teacher, Leisa Halloran, says they had seven students involved in the program across Grade 9-12. 

"The program is really cool because the students go out and interview different ones from these local organizations, and then they come back.  And it's not a vote to determine who gets the money. They have to work together to come to a consensus as to who they think should get the money."

"So, they talk about it and work together and then come to a decision on which groups have the greatest needs."

This year's theme was focused more on community support and things that take place in the community for families to go to.

  • Boissevain Festival of the Arts $500
  • Boissevain Resettlement Committee $500
  • Boissevain Resettlement Committee $300 for these families to go to the local theatre, aquatic centre, etc
  • Boissevain-Morton Municipality $500 for farmer's markets/event tents
  • Boissevain Arts Park $200

This year the YIP Awards program took place in early April.  Those receiving grants receive personalized invitations and the group reserved the room at the back of the Sawmill Restaurant where a presentation and a lunch was provided.

"Speaking in front of a group and interviewing the recipients is good for the students," shares Halloran.  "I think the granting ceremony is really cool because, like last year one of the recipients said to the students, 'You change people's lives doing this!' because they're able to get money for their organization like this, through this process and the YIP program."

"Even though it's not their money, it's the work that the students have done to give it out," she adds. "So, I think they feel really good after doing all of that, especially after the granting ceremony when they know they've done something really good in the community."

The Boissevain YIP program will start again with a new committee at the start of the new school year in September of 2024.

"A lot of the students do come back the next year and continue on, which is really nice that they know what to do.  The older ones usually run all the meetings, and I'll book a place for the granting ceremony, but they pretty much do it all.  It's a really great program!"