Killarney-Turtle Mountain Mayor Merv Tweed says they need more people to fill summer positions.

Tweed says it has been more of a challenge this summer filling jobs because of the lack of area youth actually applying for work with the municipality.

“We don’t have lifeguards this year and we’re struggling to get enough students. We have funding for positions but it has been a challenge getting people to apply. The summer is busy and I hope in the future we’d look at getting lifeguards hired because it’s another service that you provide.”

Tweed says some of the green programs need workers.

“The green jobs are the ones that most communities apply for. I just don’t understand and I’m dismayed that we don’t have as many applications as positions available.”

“We have some but there has to be young students out there looking for work and we hope we find them” said Merv Tweed.