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People are being asked to enter online and to submit their favourite Christmas memory. Here's a sample of some of the entries that have already been submitted.



Judy D:  A favourite memory when we were kids was when Santa appeared at our farm house window on Christmas Eve !  Much later we found out that it was our favourite uncle going to all the cousins homes and waving merry Christmas !

Wayne P:  The one room school Christmas concerts we proformed in each year singing carols and doing skits . They always gave updates as to how far  Santa was away and expected time of arrival . That’s before there was a Santa in every mall .

Vanessa H:   While watching a Flinstones Christmas special on the tele with my grandpa, we ate popcorn. All of us grandkids were in our jammies and bare feet. To be a joker, grandpa would put popcorn between our toes!

Wayne P:    We went to the neighbors on the farm by horse and sleigh on a cold XMAS EVE and had a big heavy  old blanket to cover us as we sat on straw bales that were very cold too.  It was very dark but the horses just seemed to know where to go when dad pulled on the reins.  HAPPY MEMORY

Darren U:   Making popcorn strings to decorate the Christmas tree.

Sandra B:  Church Christmas eve

Carol J:  watching our grandchildren in their Christmas concerts// just having everyone come to the farm for a big family dinner and having fo much fun// My most wonderful Christmas memory was going to Brandon with my now husband then boyfriend and him surprising me and taking me to Reesors downtown to pick out an engagement ring. that was 1969 and i remember it like yesterday.

Mary G:    My memory is getting up early and leaving while it was still dark for my grandparents house in Altona.

Joyce H:  My favorite Christmas memory is every year getting together with mothers sisters and having a special time. Telling stories eating desserts and just being with everybody. And our opening song is "Lobt Gott, ihr Christen allzugleich" thats our favorite song.  😊

Edith H:    I attended school in a 1 room country schoolhouse. A very very exciting time for me was when when the dads would come & erect the stage in preparation for the Christmas concert. That was so much fun as we practiced & then readied ourselves for this annual event. I'll never forget how excited we children were at that time of year.

Rhonda C:  My two boys - age 5 & 6!  Coming out and seeing two kids snow racers!  They were so excited!

Cindy P:   Receiving a homemade nightie and housecoat from my big sister

Carol M:  When Christmas Oranges Came in a wooden box & smelt sooo good

Brad C:   Minto School Christmas Concerts

Monica Y:  Minto School Christmas Concerts

Jill H:   Outdoor activities with Family & Friends

Gail C:  Watching the children Christmas Morning

Sylvia K:   Family gathering on Christmas Eve

Betty A:   I have many wonderful Christmas memories.. not sure which one to share!! One would be when we were growing up on the farm and we , as children, woke up early but were not allowed in the living proom !    We had to wait patientlytill our Dad was finished chores , had a looong devotion and an especially  looong prayer that morning ! Then finally we were allowed to go in ... youngest first... ! What I found was a set of twin dolls for me ... I was thrilled ! My prayer is that we can provide wonderful memories now for our children and grandchildren!     Merry Christmas 🎄🎄

Linda E:  I remember the many hours we spent practising for the school and church Christmas programs.

Elaine H:  The Christmas of 2016 when we were all stormed in at my brothers. 32 in all.

Karen W:  Eating and just spending time with family

Susan K:  My favorite memory has been helping load food hampers at our local food bank to help no one be hungry at Christmas.

Kathleen F:  Christmas caroling with our church family

Tim F:   Mincemeat pie for breakfast

Matt H:  Having to Take the tractor to Christmas at my parents

Peter K:   Going out and finding the perfect Christmas Tree with my big brother

Marjorie F:   The first Christmas in Whitehorse, Yukon we put the turkey in the oven to cook then went for a walk in the sunshine.  Each year after that we continued this new tradition, when the weather allowed. There were lots of other families out enjoying walks, skating and sledding.

Wanda C:  Being with family

Jill H:  Family & Friends Outdoor Winter Activities

Sue K:  Memories of Christmas Eve dinner shared with lots of cousins is my favorite.

Geneve H:  Singing carols at the seniors home.

Rosina H:  Having the family over to visit.

Doreen D:   My favourite Christmas memory is going to the Christmas Eve candlelight service in the church as a child. The carols and the candles present such a radiant picture in my mind, after all these years!

Isabel A:   In 2016, the strangest Christmas for me was to spend it at a Mexican resort instead of in wintery Manitoba.

Colleen N:   Buying a used car for my brother Don who has since died by suicide. I will always remember the look of joy on his face when he opened up the small box with the keys inside.

Darren U:   I don’t have a favourite memory but just watching my kids open presents and seeing how happy they are brings a smile.

Christine F:   We got married Dec 20th. It was a beautiful Christmas wedding and so much fun to spend my first married Christmas honeymooning with my new husband.

Peter K:   Sliding down a big hill on a big inner tube.

Karen W:   When I got a puppy for Christmas when I was 8 years old

Mary G:  A memory I have is getting into the car while it was still dark for the long trip to Altona to my grandparents' house.  There I would get to see and play with my cousins.

Laurette P:  Getting together to open gifts





 Carol J: When our children were little my husband made bunk doll beds for our little girls cabbage patch dolls. I made bedding for it and some clothes for the dolls and matching nighties for our little girl and her dolls. She loved them and still has them today saving them for a granddaughter someday because she had all boys.


One year when our children were little my husband made an old barn that looked like the one on our farm for our little boy and we painted it the same. We made bales of hay out of green foam. We had so much fun making it and our little boy loved it and still has it today for his little boy.

Tim F:  Mincemeat pie for breakfast.

Kathleen F:   Waking up to bowls on the table filled with gifts.

Sue K:  My memories return to Christmas Eve supper at grandmas with all ten cousins and lots of aunt and uncle love...lots of pretty wrapped gifts under their tree to anticipate opening. It was magical.

Irene Morrisette: I always enjoyed putting up a real tree and then decorating it with candle looking ornaments that bubbled when the liquid inside was warm.

Marjorie F:  Participating in seasonal community choir programs.

David H:  Getting together with family.

Barb H:  My grandma making me new pyjamas for Christmas each year.

Laurette P:  opening my present from Santa that was a doll I asked for/  getting together to open gifts

Many listeners enjoyed the Minto School Christmas Concerts!

Maureen S:   We bought a big house and we were able to accommodate our 5 children and their families. We've now grown too large and kids are too scattered to do this again! It was so much fun!

Ray H:   going snowmobiling with friends in the Turtle Mountains

Kathleen F:   Purple lights on our Christmas tree

Tim F:   Mincemeat pie for breakfast

Isabel A:   There are so many!  One special time was getting to sleep beside the tree in a guest house. The tree was from a row of spruce on the home farm. The wood stove in the “school house room” reminded me of the house I and my brothers and sisters grew up in.

Margaret K:  Going to Camp Koininia with family to celebrate our Savior's birth

Linda E:    I remember the many hours of practising for the school and church Christmas programs.

Martha F:  Sitting around the Christmas tree singing carols while enjoying real lit candles

Cheryl E:  Our family attended the Christmas Eve service Yearly.  We were waiting for bags of candy, oranges, & peanuts when a young kid came over to talk to us.  He says, "  I figured it out!  I know who Sants Clause is!  It's your dad- Santa Klassen"!

Peter K:   Putting out a cookie and a drink for santa

Cheryl E:   Growing up, EVERY year at Christmas, our house was a scorcher.  Dad would have such a big fire in the fireplace that mom would say it was TOO HOT, & us kids asked if we could put on our bathing suits!

Wanda C:  Volleyball trip to Finland at xmas

Cindy P:   My big sister made myself and one of my other sister beautiful night gown and house coat set - with puffy sleeves !  That was a really big deal then

Brad C:  Minto School Christmas Concerts

Carol M:  Horse drawn sleigh ride

Edith H:   I remember a Christmas as a young girl when I received a doll. I cried all morning because my older sisters received pop-beads, which was the latest thing in jewellery & that's what I would have liked, instead of this doll, which was just like the one my younger sister got. Till my parents took the doll away from me for the morning. Lesson learned!

Stephanie C:   My favourite Christmas memory was when we spent Christmas in Italy! The Christmas markets were so quaint and beautiful. Church bells often ringing in the back ground. It was very picturesque, and! We had our second daughter 4 days later!

Mark G:  When my daughter was born just before Christmas and she was baby Jesus in the manger at the church Christmas program

Myrna G:  Spending Christmas last year with extended family laughing until we cried

John R:  Travelling to Roseisle to have Christmas with family and enjoy an afternoon of tobogganing in the valley. Our small dogs would run after us as hard as they could go. It was great fun with lots of spills.

Peter K:  Singing Christmas Carols not only at Christmas Eve Services but also with family during Christmas Holidays

Muriel H:  taking our little girls to their first movie in a big theatre - it was Toy Story 2 - they were so excited

Wanda C:   Grand kids

Diane W:  My favorite Christmas memory was back in 1973 when I got a brand new pair of running shoes for Christmas from my parents.  I treated those shoes like gold and put them back in the original box every night so it would be like I was opening a new pair of shoes every day!

Doris H:   Waking up early on Christmas morning, in a bedroom where you could see your breath, and wondering if it was time to get up and to check the stockings.

Valerie M:   One of my favourite Christmas memories  is of 2016 when we had the huge snowstorm, we had to get creative with our celebrations that year!

Henry I:   Going to church as a little boy on Christmas Eve and getting a little brown bag of Christmas goodies at the close of the program when everyone had done their part. Then we would go home and have mandarin oranges and peanuts.

Vera I:   My Dad hitching up the horses Sally and Bimbo to the old stone boat with bales and blankets on it and taking all us kids on a frosty ride every Christmas morning. The sound of the bells on the horses and the crunch of the snow beneath their hooves is my very special Christmas memory.



Dave H:  Getting together with family

Barb H:  New flannel pyjamas made by my grandma

Darlene V:  My most favourite Christmas was when the whole family was home. We went skating, played hockey, and went snowmobiling, then came the festive feast, it was just great!

Norma S:  Family gatherings complete with Christmas Dinner, lots of games and laughter and homemade nuts 'n bolts and fudge. All part of the Celebration.

Mary G:  My favorite Christmas memory is spending time with my cousins at my Grandma and Grandpa's in Altona.

Elizabeth H:  Learning Christmas carols with my fav teacher in school

Rosina H:  Seeing Christmas songs with whole family on Christmas eve

Leona P:  Growing up on Vancouver Island, it was a delight for us to experience snow on Christmas Eve. There were a few that as we exited the Christmas Eve was snowing!

Jill H:  Family...Friends...Cabin🎄

Marilyn D:  My uncle and aunt bought me a puppy one year for Christmas.  Because they arrived several days before Christmas, every time I tried to visit with them at my Grandpa's home, I was told that they had just left.  Little did I know that they were trying to keep the puppy a surprise.  On Christmas morning, they handed me a cloth gift sack, and the puppy popped his head out as I opened the bag.  It was a moment of sheer joy!

Cindy P:  Receiving a homemade pj and housecoat made by my big sister

Erma G:  When I was a little girl we had no extra money to buy a Christmas tree.  My dad along with a friend went to the tree yard Christmas Eve and the man gave him a tree that had only a few branches. He gathered the broken bows and made a tree.  Christmas morning I woke up to the most beautiful Christmas tree.  To this date it is still my favourite Christmas  memory of a loving child hood.

Douglas R:  Turkey with the family

Doug L:  One of my favorite memories is  the tradition of decorating the tree. We started a tradition as a family to pick out the same Christmas snacks each year and watch a Christmas movie together enjoying the snacks after the tree was decorated

Gail C:  Christmas Morning

Grant C:  Being with family

Matthew H:  When I 10 years old I heard on cjrb radio "make sure to tell you children that Santa isn't real!" Bringing back memories every year

Jill H:  Family & Friends

Carol M:  Christmas with my four young children in our 100 year home at farm north of Minto,putting the Christmas Tree in our Bay Window

Monica Y:  Minto School Christmas Concerts🎄😊

Brad C:  Minto School Christmas Concerts

Amber H:  When I was younger my Grandpa made my older cousin dress up as Santa and ride onto the yard on a quad with a sled of presents behind him! I think I actually believed it was Santa just casually wearing red coveralls and driving my Grandpa's quad.

Jennifer K:  Going to my grandparent's farm as a little kid and having a big turkey dinner. Then opening our stockings all together with the cousins.

Margaret B:   My memories are when my family was all together.

Hedy A:  I enjoy Christmas music

Anita F:  Our son Jeff was born 40 years ago on Christmas Day!

Dustin P:  Road hockey every year as a family

Don C:  The year I bought my wife a meat slicer and she has never let me forget it!

Rhonda C:  I just became a grandma in April and the memories we create are going to be so special!!!  Every Christmas was a great memory with my boys growing up!

Wanda C:   Horse drawn sleigh ride/ Trip to Finland tp play volleyball prior to Xmas Break/ Grand Kids opening presents

Darlene V:  My favourite Christmas memory was when the whole family was home for the holidays, we went ice fishing, snowmobiling, and if course, the full Christmas supper with all the trimmings!

Eva F:  Christmas 1977

Marjorie F: I remember Christmas days when the cousins in Manitoba would get together. Mother would put a huge turkey in the oven the night before and everyone brought something for the table. Besides the fun around the dinner table there would be an afternoon tobogganing on the dugout hills.

Ray H: When my daughters were little I pretended I was Santa Claus and made foot prints in the snow by our front door......they believed Santa really had been here! So cute to see how excited they were.//////   Getting together at my grandparents house with lots of family there - lots of noise and lots of fun

Muriel H: Getting a doll house that I begged for - for a very long time!!///  Visiting my grandparents house and in the evening a group of people from the neighbourhood went carolling from house to house

Meaghan P: Christmas eve sitting around the fireplace drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the family time.

Amanada W: When I was a kid, we had what was going to turn out to be a very skimpy Christmas (I come from a family of 6 kids). Some people in our church knew this and put together a bag of gifts for us to open on Christmas morning. I don't know how they decided what we would want/need, but I received a stuffed monkey that I still have today (at least 35 years later) as it is my favourite gift of all times. I do not know if my parents ever found out who left the gifts in our car that Sunday morning, but the love that we felt is memorable even today!

Donna N: Living far from my parents meant travelling to their home for Christmas. I remember driving through the countryside admiring the starry night. It was always a blessing to get to Mom and Dad's, their warm and loving arms made the long hours driving worth it.

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