KAP’s 38th annual meeting will be held virtually on Jan. 25 and Jan. 26, 2022. The meeting will focus on the fact that collaboration is essential to agriculture. Delegates, observers and media are welcome to attend. Please register in advance to attend.

On day one, delegates will meet to debate and shape KAP policy on a variety of key issues. A presentation and panel discussion led by Dr. Danny Blair will discuss agriculture and the environment. KAP president Bill Campbell and general manager Brenna Mahoney will also share updates about the organization’s past year, ongoing work and vision.

On day two, MNP will deliver a seminar on grain marketing and HUB International will present on KAP’s Member Benefits Program. Morag Marjerison will lead a panel discussion highlighting farm safety in Manitoba. To close out the meeting, Olympic medallist and mental health advocate Clara Hughes will speak to attendees.


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Name Graham Schellenberg
Phone (431) 554-8352
Email graham.schellenberg@kap.ca
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