The Municipality of Boissevain-Morton completed the fiscal year end with a surplus in the budget. Mayor, Judy Swanson, says they were very happy with all departments doing their share to bring down expenses.

“We completed our year-end, and I’m pleased to say that we had an Operating surplus of over $400,000 which is really good!”

“Even the utilities,” she says, “we used some of that surplus to pay down the Utility debt. So, over the past two years we’ve paid $236,000 towards the deficit on the utilities, so it’s a win-win for all of us. We’re moving in the right direction.”

“Every department had to do their share,” Swanson explains. “We didn’t mandate that they did a percentage of cutbacks, but it turned out that everyone took it seriously and everybody’s working really hard to come up with ways to make changes that would help our bottom line.”

To bring the Utility deficit back to a balanced position, Swanson says over $1 million needs to be paid. However, the end is in sight. “With the new water rates and with what we’ve done over the last year, by 2025 I believe, we will have that deficit all cleaned up.”

Mayor Swanson explains how the Utility deficit came to be. “In a nutshell, we didn’t get rate increases. Over the years we should have had gradual increases that kept up with where we were at. So, for many years it cost more to run that part of the Utility than what we were bringing in. So, that was coming out of our own budget, like the budget as a whole, and it was putting us further and further behind.”

Bringing the Utilities deficit down is not a quick and simple fix she says.

“It’s not something you can do overnight. You can’t take that kind of debt and put it on the people overnight. You have to do it on a gradual slide.”

“And so, at the end of the day we’re working on it and it’s going in the right direction.”

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