Barry and Nancy Reimer have quite a story to tell after a deer ended up hitting their windshield and coming into their brand new SUV.

The Reimers and their son were coming back to Killarney after a movie night out in Brandon last Wednesday evening. Barry Reimer said they were heading towards Killarney along Highway #18 when the accident happened.

“It all started when a vehicle we were approaching struck a deer and launched the animal in our direction and threw it straight into our windshield. The deer exploded our windshield out and half the deer ended up inside our vehicle and the other half of the deer caught the corner post on my driver’s side. I had one hind quarter in my lap and the rest of it went to thew back of the vehicle and spattered my son and all of us with every bit of contents that was inside the deer because it was now inside our vehicle.”

The Reimers escaped serious injuries. Barry Reimer said it was shocking if nothing else. He was thrown back into his seat and has a soar shoulder and his hands were cut up a bit from the flying glass. “I think I took a deer hoof to the face and that spot is a bit red and swollen but no big deal. However all the inner contents of that deer ended up in our vehicle and I think I had my mouth open at the time because I have a taste in my mouth I can’t get out.”

The family is waiting to hear from Autopac and Barry Reimer says the contamination inside the vehicle is disgusting. “We went to pick up a few things and it was all we could do to keep our stomach from coming back up when you smell that inside it is disgusting.”

According to Barry Reimer damage to the north bound vehicle was far less than what the Reimer’s vehicle sustained.

“Wear your seat belt and slow down for those deer when they do come out because there’s not just one there’s always more and in this case there were two deer. Truth be told I don’t know how we could have changed this situation because there was maybe 50 feet between vehicles when they hit the deer and I only had time to say OH NO.”

The Reimers had just purchased the 2018 Buick Enclave and there was around 5,000 kilometers on the vehicle.


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