Concerns are being voiced over safety at an intersection in Souris.

In question is the intersection that brings together Highways 2,22 and 250 in Souris.

Darryl Jackson is Mayor of Souris-Glenwood and he says it’s a problem council is well aware of and has been discussing. “You know from 8:30 to 9:30 in the morning and again when school gets out probably between 3:45 and 3:45pm if you come up to that intersection sometimes you have to wait quite a bit of time to get across.”

Jackson points out there used to be blinking yellow lights on Highway 2 which meant proceed with caution and for the north-south traffic for Highway 250 and Highway 22 there was a blinking red light which meant stop and proceed when safe to do so. Now there’s only stop signs for the north-south traffic and Jackson isn’t sure why the flashing lights came down or when.

“There is also a pedestrian crosswalk vehicles should be stopping for and I hear reports of all types of vehicles and not just semi trucks not stopping which is illegal. We want to look into why those lights came down and some people are even suggesting a four way stop at that intersection. But I think there will be a fair bit of complaining if people are forced to stop and go there.”

Jackson wasn’t sure if regular street lights are the solution and he says the cost could be a factor. However he says there are those who would say if it saves just one life then it’s worth it.

“We’d like to meet with some transportation officials out of Brandon we would like to or else we want to meet someone while attending the AMM convention in Winnipeg in November

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