The following is the RCMP report to March 14, 2017. This reporting period, police responded to the following calls for service.

- 3 traffic collisions

- 23 traffic violations

- 14 provincial statute (Mental Health Act, Fire Prevention Act, Coroner's Act, 911 Act)

- 22 common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public)

- 5 crimes against property

- 4 crimes against persons

- 2 other criminal code

- 1 drug enforcement

March 1, 2017

Police received a report from a probation officer of a male who hasn't complied with his order. The matter is being investigated.

Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle that had gotten stuck driving the wrong way down the snowmobile trail in the Turtle Mountain park area. Police will be patrolling this area due to the increase in refugees seeking entry into Canada.

March 2, 2017

Police received a report of uttering threats in the Deloraine-Winchester area. Police attended and located an intoxicated male who was arrested. The complainant decided she didn't want to pursue charges.

March 3, 2017

A purse was turned into the Killarney detachment and returned to the owner.

Police received a report of a suspicious vehicle. Again, on the snowmobile trails, a black SUV had gotten stuck. The matter is under investigation.

Police received a report of an unwanted intoxicated guest in the RM of Argyle. A second call, while enroute, reported that the male was breaking and smashing things in the house. Police attended and located the male at the residence. He initially was awake but then passed out and police were unable to wake the male and called for an ambulance. The male was taken to Brandon General Hospital.

March 4, 2017

Police assisted with a matter under the Mental Health Act in Killarney.

Police received a report of an assault in Killarney. An intoxicated male came to the complainants residence and tried to break the door down. He shoved the complainant to the ground and punched him in the ribs. The injured male then took the intoxicated male to the another house for the night. Police were advised that the assault happened the night before. The complainant did not want charges. Police spoke with the other male who denied the assault but said it was a heated argument. Both agreed to stay away from each other.

Police received a report of an abandoned vehicle in the Adam Lake parking lot, The complainant was the last person around, and wanted to make sure they were not lost cross country skiers. Patrols were made, police located the vehicle all locked up and secured. Checked nearby warming huts and washrooms no one located. Police dispatch did checks on the plate. Police located a number for the registered owner who advised that her husband was in the area with a group of buddies from the military doing winter camping.

Police were dispatched through 911, of a fight in progress at the Ninette Bar. An intoxicated male and another male were fighting at the location, blood everywhere, broken bottle and an ambulance was needed. One male was bleeding from hand and a second call came in that the other male had left. Police attended. Both parties located. One male was bleeding from the head and had been struck with a bottle by the other male who had been choked unconscious. Ambulance attended and one male refused medical treatment. The other was transported for minor cuts to head. Both parties refused to provide statements to police. The matter is being investigated.

March 5, 2017

Police were dispatched to a house fire in the RM of Argyle. The south side of house was destroyed by fire which appeared to have destroyed the outside of the house and into the roof as well. Statement was obtained from the owner who was inside with her two kids at the time the fire started. She got the kids out prior to smoke entering the home. Her husband was in the yard and came to the house. She didn't know what caused the fire, but said she had started the dryer 30 minutes prior. The Fire Chief determined it was an electrical fire in the outside wall that continued up and caught fire in the attic. No injuries were sustained.

March 6, 2017

Police received a report of credit card fraud. The credit union advised the complainant they had cancelled his card due to a fraudulent charge of $283.00 US; another charge of $610.00 US tried to go through but the credit union stopped transaction. No suspects or ideas from where his number would have been obtained; no scam phone calls received.

Police received a report of a break and enter to a garage in Boissevain. Police attended and obtained statement and photos. The matter is under investigation.

Police assisted with a matter under the Family Relations Act in Killarney.

Police received a report of suspicious vehicle that was parked on South Railway in Boissevain for the past 5 days. Police contacted the registered owner who advised he works in town and leaves his truck parked there.

Police received a report of a stranded motorist on Highway 3. Police were then advised that a friend had gotten to the driver and taken them to Killarney for the night.

Police were dispatched through 911 transfer that there were two vehicles in the ditch on Highway 3. The caller did not stop, and wanted police to be aware of this. Police received many calls about this, and did our best in the blizzard to ensure no one was in them.

Police received a request to check on the well being of a resident in Killarney. The male was later located in Brandon.

Police received another request to check on the well being of a resident in Killarney who was located safe.

March 7, 2017

Police received a report of a white Dodge truck on its side near Killarney Veterinary Clinic. The complainant had checked inside vehicle and noted no occupants. Severe weather in the detachment area resulting in closure of all area highways the previous evening, and continuing into this date. Police had spoken with the registered owner the night before.

Police received a report from a truck driver who called to report his 5-ton truck stuck on highway 18, approximately 15 km north of Killarney. Police advised him the highway was closed, and had been for hours. The driver had plenty of gas and was warm. Police suggested he contact Accel Towing out of Brandon once highway was re-opened.

Police received a 911 dispatch regarding a vehicle that was stuck in the middle of the road in the RM of Whitewater. Onstar was calling a tow truck but later called back to report that the road was closed and was unable to provide assistance. Police called a tow truck who was also unable to attend. The driver had lots of gas and was able to stay warm.

Police received another dispatch of Honda Civic stuck in the north bound lane on Highway 10 blocking traffic and the complainant cannot move and is concerned he may get hit. CAA could not provide assistance as the road is closed. Police could also not get to the vehicle. The driver advised that he had gas and cell phone is charged and is going to try and get back to Brandon. The driver did get to safety.

Police received another 911 dispatch of a vehicle stuck in a snowbank north of the Shamrock Centre. He advised he needed a tow truck. No tow trucks were operating due to the weather and police attempted to get to the location. Upon arrival, police got stuck. Thanks to volunteer firefighter Ben Heide, for helping get the police unstuck. RCMP got to the complainants vehicle on foot and escorted him through the storm back to the police car and the elderly male was taken home.

March 8, 2017

Police received another call of stranded motorist stuck in the ditch off Highway 10 since yesterday afternoon. The caller was alone in the vehicle but can't run the vehicle because he can't clear the tailpipe. Has a warm jacket and lots of food in the vehicle. Police could not attend due to poor weather and visibility and later received an update that the vehicle had become cleared.

Another car stuck in the snow bank and he needed police assistance . Police called him gave Turtle Mountain Towing number. Police couldn't reach him because of poor conditions of Highway. Police called him back and he got ride from someone to Hartney and he is safe.

Police would like to remind the public that if they choose to drive on a closed highway and get

stuck that there is no guarantee police, tow trucks or highways will be able to come and

assist. Make sure you have appropriate first aid and supplies in the event of having to stay in your vehicle long term. Please stay off closed roads for your safety and the safety of others!!!

March 9, 2017

Police assisted with a matter under the Family Relations Act in Killarney.

Police received information under the Motor Vehicle Act in Killarney that is being investigated.

March 13, 2017

Police assisted with a matter under the Mental Health Act in Killarney.

Police received an anonymous complaint made about a Burgundy Ford truck, unknown licence number, driving recklessly around Killarney. Police are aware of the vehicle and patrols were made and the vehicle not located.

If you have any information about these crimes or any other crimes, please contact the RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


Police continue to remind residents to never provide personal information such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail address to parties you do not know. If you feel that you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact police or Phone Busters Fraud Center immediately for further instructions on what you can do. Phone Busters can be reached directly at 1-888-495-8501, however also report same to the local detachment.

Child Abuse Registry checks are NOT done through the RCMP. Please call 1-800-282-8069 for any information on the Child Abuse Registry. Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Searches: Our goal is to complete these checks in a timely manner, however please plan ahead as they can take up to 3 weeks to complete. People are reminded they themselves can only request and pick up their own checks and are asked to bring two pieces of identification, one photo.

Please also remember that Criminal Checks and Vulnerable Sector Searches for volunteers must provide a letter from the organization stating their volunteer status or there will be a $10.00 fee.

Criminal Record Checks for employment are $10.00 each.

Police would like to remind the public that if anyone requires fingerprinting services, they must make an appointment at the Killarney RCMP detachment. Drop-ins cannot be accommodated.

We would like to advise that the business hours of operation at the Killarney Detachment are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The Boissevain RCMP business hours are Monday to Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. No office staff on Fridays.

The Deloraine RCMP business hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday are 8:30 to 3:00 p.m.

The general public is encouraged to attend during those hours to ensure someone will be here. It is also recommended to call ahead, however, in the event of an emergency, call 911 or the emergency line.

RCMP WOULD LIKE TO REMIND THE PUBLIC THAT AFTER HOURS AND ON WEEKENDS TO USE THE POLICE EMERGENCY LINE FOR YOUR LOCAL OFFICE or 911. The administration line may not be checked until the following day or possibly the Monday following a weekend. Members may be in another community or on the road. DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU REQUIRE IMMEDIATE POLICE ASSISTANCE, YOU MUST DIAL 204-523-7255 (Killarney), 204-534-7261 (Boissevain), 204-747-2575 (Deloraine) OR 911 TO HAVE A POLICE OFFICER RESPOND TO YOU REQUIRE IMMEDIATE POLICE ASSISTANCE, YOU MUST DIAL 204-523-7255 (Killarney), 204-534-7261 (Boissevain), 204-747-2575 (Deloraine) OR 911 TO HAVE A POLICE OFFICER RESPOND TO YOUR CALL.

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