This December 1st, 1000 lights will be switched on at the McDermot Ave building in Winnipeg for CancerCare Manitoba's 'Shine a Light' campaign.

"This is not really a campaign, but more of a tribute opportunity that we launched last year," shares Sherelle Kwan, Community Events Manager at Cancercare Manitoba Foundation.  "We've created a light display at the McDermot Ave building where people can make a donation for a lightbulb that we shine in the windows in memory, honor or gratitude."

"Once 1000 lights are gone, we'll be sold out because there are only 1000 lights in the display, so you can purchase your light already."

Typically, the campaign starts up in October, but it is already up on their website and so please do check out this special initiative.

"We do a special lighting ceremony on December 1st when the lights all get turned on," she shares. "It's a $100 donation for anyone who wants a light, and so anyone who has made one of us welcome to come, and the public is welcome to come.  This is just a special time to know that each one of those lights represents someone.  We list all their names in the window."

Kwan says they would love to have more locations to do this, but as the McDermot Ave location is the CancerCare building in Winnipeg it is central to the province as headquarters, "and we hang them from the 7th floor down to the main floor. This really resonated with a lot of folks last year, and in a special way; not just to make a donation but to be more tangible as well, to say 'your light is shining'."

"Especially as December is our darkest month and all the symbolism that light can mean to so many people," she adds.

'Light is seen as a symbol of life, hope, guidance and truth. This December a light display in the darkest month of the year will inspire, encourage, and uplift those touched by cancer while raising funds in support of CancerCare Manitoba,' states their website. '

For more information on Shine a Light, visit their website link below:

Shine a Light this December in tribute of someone you cherish. - CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (

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