Tuesday at the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair the Provincial Exhibiton brought greater awareness to the 4H program that started in Manitoba!

Roland is the official home of the 4-H program, 117 years ago! Believe it or not!

Executive Director of 4H Manitoba, Shannon Carvey, says it's always a thrilling time to be at the Winter Fair and share all the things they do through their 4H program.

"We are excited to be here at the Fair," shares Carvey. "We've been coming as a display in the Royal Farmyard for several years, and our booth has kind of transitioned over the past couple of years. We always try to have a little bit of something for everybody!"

This is the third year they have their model cow and calf at the fair, this to give a 'hands-on' experience as to what a calf feels like just prior to being born!

Mama cow, Clover, and unborn baby calf, Leaf, are on the life action stage where at 2:00 every afternoon the 'vet' arrives and helps to 'deliver' the baby calf on stage.  Again, this is a model cow/calf combination made of plastic and resin to give that hands-on experience to people of all ages what it might feel like inside the uterus of a cow prior to giving birth.

Please listen to more with Shannon Carvey below on this real-life-like, hands-on experience of birth between a baby calf and her mama!

4H programming offers a wide variety of interests, including raising calves, horseback riding, but also archery, cooking, healthy living, and so very much more - over 80 different interests and programs in all!