The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum located at the Brandon Municipal Airport just north of the city is switching to summer hours today!

In honour of RCAF’s 100th anniversary, the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Canada’s only air museum solely dedicated to the preservation of those who trained and fought for the British Commonwealth during WWII will now be open from 10 am to 4 pm every day of the week!

"Visitors will be invited to travel back to the 1940s while touring a WWII vintage hangar serving as a display area for aircraft, vehicles and hundreds of artifacts from that era. RCAF that lost their lives during WWII are honoured on the museum’s RCAF WWII Memorial wall, shares Executive Director, Stephen Hayter.

The CATPM offers an incredible museum sharing vintage aircraft, vehicles and artifacts from those years, but they also offer scenic flights over and around the City of Brandon in aircraft that they have restored.

"We have quite a few different aircraft just waiting in the wings and certainly for #12 service line training school, which is Brandon, the aircraft that was predominantly used at our site was the Cessna Crane, which is a dual engine aircraft," explains Hayter. "It's quite a big aircraft and certainly that is one of our dreams and eventually we will have an air -worthyt Cessna Crane at our site!"

Hayter says the challenge is always funding, and right now their attention needs to be on restoring the roof of their hangar.  "So, a lot of our aviation projects will have to be put on the back burner until we get a handle on the work that needs to be done on our hangar. And then we can get back to the business of restoring aircraft, and we have a lot of interested volunteers who certainly want to tackle that as well!"

The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum is proud to be one of the seven Manitoba Signature Museums, a Manitoba Star Attraction and a National Historic Site.

Visit the CATP Museum located at Brandon Municipal Airport, on HW #10, 1.6 km north of the City of Brandon.

The summer flight program begins now in May and folks can email Stephen Hayter at the CATP Museum.  "I can connect them up with our chief pilot and they can have a conversation on the various aircraft that are flying this season.  We are always having open cockpit days, and fly days, and if you're from a different community then there is a chance that we might be visitng that community as well.  So there is certainly opportunity there!"

Ph: 727-2444 Fax:725-2334