It's time for another edition of Made in Manitoba, and we're welcoming back Alana Levandoski to the program for the first time in several years.

She's released a new album called "Cianalas/Tasknota", which she describes as a folk opera, and weaves together a number of themes including longing and a pull to reconnect with your roots.

"So, Cianalas is Scottish Gaelic, for homesick or longing, and Tasknota is Kashubian for homesick or longing," explained Levandoski. "Kashubian is a Slavic tribe in our people in Poland, and that comes through my father's side."

Just last weekend Alana performed the entire album for the world during a free online webstream, and we're looking forward to having her share the story behind her latest creative effort on this weekend's Made in Manitoba.

Our conversation with Alana Levandoski begins in a moment with her talking how the creation of "Cianalas/Tasknota" has been part of a major transformation prompted by an internal assignment she felt compelled to do. Thank you for listening to Made in Manitoba.