This weekend on Made in Manitoba, we welcome back a returning guest from Winkler, George Harold Epp. The singer-songwriter, piano player and producer last joined us about two years ago for his latest solo project, and this time around he's back with a brand new project called Terra Sinfonica.

It's a new direction for the vocalist, with Terra Sinfonica focused on symphonic soundtrack instrumentals featuring piano, synthesizer keyboards, orchestral and rock instruments. 

Epp joined us in studio to talk about the decision to create this new effort, and how its early beginnings and compositions go back to 2018.

The Winkler area singer-songwriter has forgone the vocals on this album, as he kickstarts a new effort focused on symphonic soundtrack instrumentals. All of the songs on the debut album are now available on the Terra Sinfonica YouTube channel, each accompanied by visuals inspired by the respective track.

Thank you for listening this Canada Day weekend, as we showcase Terra Sinfonica.