Civic elections have taken place and for various reasons the Association of Manitoba Municipalities needs to find a number of directors to sit around the board table.

President Kam Blight says it’s nothing new to have vacancies following elections which take place every four years. “This year we have eight vacant positions. Two in the Norther region and one in each other district which is Parkland, Midwestern, Central, Western, Eastern and Interlake.”

“It happens for a variety of reasons, and some are because of retirements and other because people lost elections and their seats are now vacant. It’s an opportunity for people to put their name forward and run to represent their region,” said Blight.

Nomination close November 25 and voting will take place November 29th.

Manitoba has 137 municipalities, and they use their district directors to relay information or concerns to the provincial board.

“It directs where we go, and you work on issues that matter to all municipalities and we usually have a strong turnout of candidates for all positions.”

AMM will also hold elections for president and vice president at the group’s annual convention November 21-23 in Winnipeg.

“Heading into this winter I think municipalities are doing very, very well. After the past three years we’ve had a lot of challenges that altered how we did business and how we do things moving forward. Municipalities have been very resourceful and they’re finding ways to do more with less. That’s the way it is with inflation and the amount of money we are able to receive from the federal and provincial governments,” said Kam Blight.