The Killarney Turtle Mountain Arts Council is sharing an exhibition that is sure to call visitors back to the Heritage Home for the Arts gallery to learn more! 

"Stories We Tell features artworks from the Canada Council Art Bank collection by artists from diverse communities across the country and highlights the importance of interactions with different stories to build our own," shares Killarney Art Administrator, Giselle Beaupre. "This is an exhibit that shares the work of in collaboration with the Manitoba Arts Network web and Canada Council for the Arts. There are 16 pieces in total."

Beaupre says the exhibit approaches storytelling as a part of our everyday lives. "The stories created when we listen, learn from, and share our history and culture, both personal and collective, with friends and relatives."

"The desire to share stories is part of human nature," she explains, "and this exhibition explores the different ways artists, whether from ancestors or through myths, experience and create stories, either re-telling history or recounting new stories from their own experience."

"There's everything from pencil drawings to photography and it's just really, really neat.  And it's also one of those exhibitions where you have to see it more than once, because you come back and you notice something different," Beaupre says. "At least I notice that and I'm here almost every day!"

About the Curator

"Taylor Simard is a practicum student from Carleton University where she studies humanities and art history. She has conducted research on re-telling stories through a postcolonial lens and continues to explore these themes through this exhibition," shares Beaupre.

About the Art Bank

Since 1972, the Canada Council Art Bank makes contemporary artwork available to a wide public across the country through three programs: corporate art rental, loans to museums, and outreach. With more than 17,000 artworks by over 3,000 artists, the Art Bank has the largest collection of contemporary Canadian art anywhere. It houses paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and prints by emerging and established artists, including a significant number of Indigenous artworks.

Stories We Tell Exhibition is open to April 27th.

For more information, please contact:

Giselle Beaupre, Arts Administrator

Heritage Home for the Arts