Cherry Creek Place opened in Boissevain back in August of 2021 and now the board running the 35 suite complex is moving onto the next phase of the community venture.

While the doors are open there’s more work to be done and the board hopes the Cherry Creek Place Capital Future Fund will help cover the new expenses.

George Heide has been part of the group since the beginning. “Since the start we’ve always talked about starting a future fund. This entity is and will always be a not for profit and we’ll always have that characteristic about us the we’re non profit.”

“We need to be continuously raising funds so this place can be affordable to all, If you need a place in your later years or whenever that it’s not expensive to live in.”

In the short term money coming into the capital future fund will be used for specific projects like landscaping and improvements to the parking lot.

“It’ll be ongoing as possible as an endowment to help those who can’t afford financially to move in. As costs go up everyone has trouble making ends meet. There are some struggles for people moving that it’s not affordable so it could help with that aspect as well.”

The Southwest Seniors Housing Inc. doesn’t have a fund raising goal but want potential donors to know all donations are tax deductible. “We don’t have a ceiling on what we want to raise but if people want to give $10 towards that or bequest your estate or a portion of your will to this corporation and that will help keep this facility sustainable.