The Boissevain-Morton Farmer's Market committee is putting this year's plan together for the community Friday market and noon meal, held throughout the summer months at the Romance of the Railway Park in downtown Boissevain.

However, post-Covid, the challenges continue as its getting more and more difficult to secure vendors (especially garden vendors) as well as commitments from local organizations to provide the noon meal.

"I was struggling with finding volunteers to help with the day-to-day things, as well as confirming and securing vendors enough to make it an actual market," explains Scherlinck. "Also, the meals were a challenge to deal with changing guidelines and the rules there.  Times have changed and the markets are different than what they were 10 years ago."

Earlier this week, coordinators Christie Paskewitz-Smith and Tara Scheirlinck, met with a handful of community members to share the challenges, and to discuss what to do next.

The discussion led to brainstorming on how to meet the needs: With stricter regulations, food preparation needs to be done all in one location and in a commercial kitchen, and thus might look different this year.  A day change from Friday to say, a Wednesday, might benefit more people, thus generating more traffic.  The location could be changed to the new gazebo area which provides more room for more vendors, and might bring in more traffic from all directions, especially the busy Hwy 10.  As well, since vegetable vendors are difficult to secure, perhaps opening up the table opportunities to a wider variety of vendors (jewelry designers, artists, bakers, etc) and maybe include a flea market as well for those still doing 'spring cleaning' in the summer and may not have the idea location for a home and yard sale in town or in the country.

The next meeting will take place Tuesday, June 6th, and community members are invited to join them, to share what they would like to see in their community Farmer's Market weekly event.

"We're hoping to have more community input, to choose a day and place that we'll have the market so if you have any interest in volunteering, to help organize a meal or be a vendor, or any sort of background planning, in a larger or smaller way, please join us on June 6th," invites Smith.

Boissevain-Morton Farmers' Market meeting:

DATE:  Tuesday, June 6th

WHERE: Muncipal building, boardroom

WHEN:  12:00 noon

WHAT TO BRING:  Your ideas, your willingness to continue brainstorming, and your encouragement to keep this community event active and growing!

Please listen to more of the interview with Tara Scheirlinck and Christie Paskewitz-Smith below: