Today is World Earth Day where populations around the globe look at how we can make our planet a better place to live for all.

This year's theme: Planets vs Plastics

Assiniboine College and the City of Brandon are celebrating student projects today where Science Fair winners from various elementary schools with a focus on environmental awareness, as well as ACC's Student Captone Project.

About Assiniboine Capstone Student Project:

As part of the Land and Water Management program at Assiniboine, second year students complete a capstone project that ties together the lessons they have learned at college.

Students must find a feasible project, analyze the problem, develop options, and finally present a plan to address the situation.

Shane Hutchings is a 2nd year land and water management student. His capstone project is “Reel-in Pollution: Fishing Line Recycling Bins”.

The purpose of the bins made from PVC pipe is to provide a convenient way for anglers to dispose of used monofilament fishing line, which can otherwise harm wildlife and the environment if it is left along riverbanks and shorelines.

Once the bins are full, they are collected by volunteers and shipped off to special recycling facilities that will melt down the fishing line and make into new fishing line and other tackle. The City of Brandon is a sponsor of Shane’s project. City staff helped guide Shane along his project to reach a implementation stage.

Celebrating Students Projects on Earth Day will be held today, Aprill 22nd at 4:00 pm Brandon City Hall in the Foyer of the Main Floor.