May 24, 2024 – Canadian Forces Base Shilo – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces News Release May 24, 2024

 About 30 military personnel based at CFB Shilo have deployed on Operation IMPACT. Most of the personnel are from 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (1RCHA) with a handful of people from the 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2PPCLI) and CFB Shilo.

They will serve in several different roles in different locations throughout the Middle East. They will serve overseas for the next six months returning in late fall.

Operation IMPACT

Operation IMPACT is part of Canada’s whole-of-government approach to the Middle East. The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) mission to build the military capabilities of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, and set the conditions for their long-term success. Op IMPACT complements the work of other Canadian government agencies such as Global Affairs Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Op IMPACT began as the CAF support to the Global Coalition to degrade and ultimately defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria. The coalition has been effective. Under the command of Brigadier-General Wade Rutland, Op IMPACT, on behalf of the CAF, is continuing to work with partners in the region to set the conditions for stability and security.

Canada plays an important role in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, alongside its partners. In Iraq for example, the CAF efforts in support of the Global Coalition and NATO improve Iraqi security forces’ capabilities. These efforts help Iraq to achieve long-term success in keeping its territory and people secure.


The Government of Canada has extended Operation IMPACT until March 31, 2025. This extension will allow the Canadian Armed Forces to continue to play an important role in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon alongside its Allies and partners.

The Canadian Armed Forces has begun a planned consolidation and adjustment of its personnel footprint in the Middle East. Canada will continue to fulfill its existing commitments under the authorities granted in Op IMPACT.

On May 15, 2023, Brigadier-General (BGen) Wade Rutland transferred command of Joint Task Force IMPACT / Task Force Central (JTF-I/TF-C) over to Colonel (Col) John Summerfield during a ceremony held at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait, alongside our various Allies and partners. Major-General Peter Scott, Chief of Staff of Canadian Joint Operations Command, presided over the event, where Col Summerfield assumed command from BGen Rutland, who has commanded JTF-I/TF-C since May 2022.