Samaritan House Ministries is ramping up for the annual Coldest Night of the Year with funds raised going to their food bank because right now that is most definitely their greatest need.

Executive Director, Barbara McNish, encourages folks to make their own team or join her team, Barbara's Frosty Belles and Beaus (click HERE to donate) and raise money for their ministry.

The Coldest Night of the Year is a family-friendly walk, in support of local charities serving people experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness.

The event takes place on February 24 across Canada and the United States to raise awareness about homelessness. 

For all who donate, a tax-deductible receipt will be sent by the Coldest Night of Year organization.  "It's very simple," says McNish. "They can email your receipt to you or mail it to you. And the other thing is if people want to sponsor us they can call me or email me at Samaritan House Ministries."

For more on The Coldest Night of the Year, and to support Samaritan House Ministries click HERE!  

Now, during these milder days the shelter may be a little less busy, however the nights are still chilly, as it is still a Manitoba February.

McNish, says they see approximately 35 clients per night at their safe and dry shelter.  "We had 486 people who had registered through our program saying that they are homeless, or are couch-surfing, they're at risk. With Safe and Warm we have a 41-bed shelter and we have been able to maintain it with about 35 people per night."

McNish says the community has seen different organizations working together to help meet the needs during the day and the night.  "So, there's a lot of programs in Brandon that work together so that we are usually covering for the winter months anyways, particularly in a deep freeze, we are covering 24 hours each day where people have at least some places to stop and get a hot cup of coffee."

Please listen to more with Barbara McNish below!