RCMP in western Manitoba are warning people to stay off the highways tonight, saying, "Please do everything you can to avoid travel."

Freezing rain and snow have been reported in parts of Westman on Monday afternoon and police have been responding to multiple collisions on the Trans-Canada.

"Westman Detachment has been responding to multiple vehicle accidents on #1 Highway due to slippery road conditions," Sgt. Fefchak says in a release sent out to the media. "While responding to these accidents, several more vehicles also slid into the ditch including several highway tractor/trailer units."

Fefchak says that the Manitoba Department of Highways "has been actively attempting to alleviate the slippery road conditions, and at this time it’s strongly recommended to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary."

While the Trans-Canada Highway in the region is open as of 5:30 p.m. that's expected to not be the case much longer. Fefchak reminds the public that recreational activities are not "in our necessary travel category," and several other highways in the region are also in poor shape with ice-covered sections. That includes highways 83, 21, and 2.

"If you choose to venture out, make sure you take necessary survival gear such as blankets, food and a cell phone because assistance may not be possible for extended periods of time. Better to be at home wishing you were somewhere else than in the ditch wishing you were at home."

Much of southern Manitoba is currently under a blizzard warning, with snow and winds approaching 90 km/h expected Monday evening and into Tuesday.