It's I LOVE TO READ Month and CJRB Radio is hosting our 'I Love to Read' contest for our listeners throughout the Westman Region - with our sponsors, the Killarney Optometric Centre!

Dr. Candace DeCock and Dr. Dustin McGill know all about the importance of eye health and the love of reading!

This year's contest prize features a wooden crate full  of goodies: 2 childrens' and 2 adolescents' books, a cozy cashmere blend scarf, a lovely diffuser with lavender oil, chocolates, tea, candles and more for the entire family to enjoy - and of course, in keeping with Valentine's Day, a poetry book all about Love!

Total Prize Valued at $350

Simply find the 'I LOVE TO READ' Tile (pictured below) on any page on Discover Westman Online, click on it, and you will be linked to our 'I LOVE TO READ' Contest entry page. 

Our winner will be announced on February 14th, Valentine's Day!