When Boissevain business owners, Cora Champion and Meghan Hamilton, began Women in Business Connecting in Boissevain-Morton they didn't know what to expect.  However, a fantastic crowd of businesswomen from different walks of life came out, and included business owners, as well as employees, as well as home-based businesses as well as farmers' wives, because face it, anyone who's trying to balance a cheque book in today's world of trade and commerce is a businesswoman!

This dynamic duo has hosted a number of these well-attended events and next week Thursday they will add a new twist to the evening presentation; a panel discussion featuring four women in the business world of Boissevain!  I am honored to be sitting alongside three dynamic women in our community:  Jenna Goodheart (Boissevain Nursery School), Nicole Hooper (MNP) and Kamara Latimer (Rekk Beauty) and Lyndsay Gillon-Seafoot (CPHR).

The evening's theme is 'Women Who Lead' and will allow attendees to ask questions of the panel guests.

Boissevain-Morton Mayor Judy Swanson has been a significant support to this initiative, being one of the first women who presented to a full dining room at the Sawmill as she shared her journey from mother and wife to Manager of Canada Post offices across Southeast Saskatchewan, to becoming Head of Council here in our municipality.

"We're delighted to have a forum of women in business talking about parts of their business, how they got into the business and what they offer to help others," shares Mayor Judy. "So, it's just a great evening to get together and talk about business with other women in business. So, we're looking forward to a great turnout!"

Swanson says the evening events are certainly a time of enjoying time with past friends and new friends - and laughing with those around the table. But it's also a time to network, "and to talk about what it's like to be a businesswoman in today's world, and the evenings are always a fun time!  They're a bunch of gals who again, volunteer their time to do those kinds of things; to make it easier and better for our community."

Mayor Judy praises the efforts of co-founders, Hamilton and Champion, of Women in Business Connecting. 

"They knew what they wanted to achieve, and I believe they've achieved it!  They certainly are a hard-working group," she adds. "It doesn't just happen to have these different people come to our community and talk about some HR problems, or to talk about what you would need financially for a business."

"So, when you can get that caliber of a businesswoman come and talk to you about those things, whether you're in a business already or starting a business, that is really helpful. And so, we're really pleased to have all the aspects of the community businesses come to the meeting.  We've had farming women, women in business in this community and from other communities come.  So, I'm really looking forward to it!"

The Event:  Women in Business Connecting: Women who Lead

Event Date:  Thursday, May 9th 

Starts at: 5:30 pm with a light supper

Where: The Sawmill in Boissevain

Registration Fee:  $25 per person includes a light supper

To register click HERE!