It has been noteworthy for the Brandon MCC Thrift Shop that the last quarter of the year has been quite busy, this after 2 1/2 years of challenges through the pandemic.

"This time of the year tends to be the busiest time of the year anyways, so it's good to see it perking up after the last couple of years of Covid," shares Store Manager, Shelly Burrows.

With colder weather here, and Christmas around the corner, the MCC Thrift Shop has already been stocking their shelves with warmer clothing and Christmas decor. 

"If you've been looking for winter clothing, that's been out since August," explains Burrows. "We tend to keep up with what the mainstream stores are doing.  I try and have it out here in time that you would buy it thrift versus buy it fresh and help save the environment, and maybe save some money in your pocket as well," she adds.

The Thrift Store on Pacific Avenue in downtown Brandon is still feeling the effects of Covid, especially when it comes to their volunteer base.

"That's where we got hit the hardest through Covid," explains Burrows.  "Some of our volunteers aged out and chose that time to do so, and the younger ones couldn't come for a while and so it's been hard to get them back, but we're hopeful."

The Brandon MCC Thrift Shop is celebrating 50 years of supporting the Westman Region.   For more information volunteering, donating or shopping at the MCC Thrift Shop in Brandon, visit their website or Facebook page, or click HERE!

All are "invited to a live, virtual celebration of 50 years of MCC Thrift! We will get together to celebrate the history, creativity and generosity of the MCC Thrift network. Over the last 50 years MCC Thrift has raised more than CA$305 million for the work of MCC at home and around the world—all while providing affordable secondhand goods and community connection. Let's celebrate that legacy!"

In this live, virtual celebration you'll hear stories from MCC Thrift's grassroots beginnings, meet some of our amazing staff and volunteers and celebrate the impact that the network has made possible. 

You can register online now to attend the virtual event, and you'll get more details by email closer to the day. The celebration will be held on Zoom on November 22 at 9 pm AST / 8 pm EST / 7 pm CST / 6 pm MST / 5 pm PST.

Click HERE to register for the MCC 50th Anniversary Celebration through Zoom!

Photo below submitted by MCC Thrift (Clockwise from top left: Linie Friesen, Selma Loewen, Susan Giesbrecht and Sara Stoesz, the founders of the first MCC Thrift shop; Orientation for volunteers at the Et Cetera Shop in Bluffton, Ohio; College students check out the SELFHELP Crafts display at the Et Cetera Shop in Bluffton, Ohio.)