A Roland-area farm took home the trophy in the Manitoba Corn Growers Association 2010 Corn Yield Competition.

The results were announced at the Manitoba Special Crops Symposium.

"Having the right heat units, getting the corn in the ground at the right time in spring, those were the keys," says John Bergen, who together with his father-in-law Harry McKnight run McKnight Farms.

They claimed the top prize with a yield of 245.29 bushels per acre. Their Pioneer Hi-Bred 39D97 variety finished with a 55.36 bushel weight and 21.8 percent moisture on 30 row spacing.

Bergen says planting could be a challenge this spring.

"Depends on the spring. With an early melt hopefully we can get the seed in the ground in the timeframe we want to."

Second place was awarded to Baker Colony Farms of MacGregor.

Hank Enns Farms of Altona, Pritchard Brothers Ltd of Treherne and R and G Voth Farms of Altona finished third through fifth.

2010 Corn Yield Competition Results



Producer Name   Address   Company   Variety   Yield (bushels per acre)
1. McKnight Farms   Roland   Pioneer   39D97   245.29
2. Baker Colony Farms   MacGregor   Pioneer   39Z79   234.86
3. Hank Enns Farms   Altona   Pioneer   92D97   206.69
4. Pritchard Bros. Ltd.   Treherne   Hyland   B18R   188.63
5. R & G Voth Farms   Altona   Pioneer   39D97   187.99
6. Blumengart Colony   Plum Coulee   Pioneer   39D97   187.42
7. Blumengart Colony   Plum Coulee   Pioneer   39D97   183.85
8. Bermar Farms Ltd.   Altona   Pioneer   39B94   178.63
9. Larry Friesen   Altona   Pioneer   39D97   178.23
10.George Wytinck   Cypress River   Hyland   B22R   174.81


~ Thursday, February 10, 2011 ~