Over the past several months fund raising has taken place to support construction of a new swimming pool in Deloraine.

The existing pool didn’t open in 2022 because of structural issues.

Sara Rommelaere is a municipal councillor and also part of the fund-raising committee generating money for a new pool. “The half section project raised just over $110,000 and our preliminary number from our piano evening was over $53,000 before we had paid any of our bills. We think that event will raise about $40,000 for the project.”

Rommelaere says the community is really behind the plan to build a new pool.

"We’ve had donations made since this past spring and the money was raised through hot dog sales, lemonade stands, farmer’s market and lots of other fund raisers in the community.”

The cost of a new pool is unknown because plans have to be finalized. ‘It depends on things like if we use the building that’s there, do we build at the same place and do we build a similar type of pool or do we look at something different where we’d incorporate a splash pad and zero entry with no steps and wheelchair accessible and things like that.”

Sara Rommelaere adds right now they’re looking to build in the existing spot because they could use the existing building and save some money.


“We won’t have a new pool in 2023 but we do have that lovely resort area at Lake Metigoshe and people can swim there.”